I was thankful that I had a MySpace tracker that worked on my profile when I began seeing an increase in hits to my MySpace profile. I didn’t think too much about it but when I began receiving messages and friend requests from MySpace profiles that had been deleted, I knew that I had a MySpace stalker. I was able to find out who it was using a free MySpace profile tracker and common sense. There are many different MySpace trackers to choose from so check out the list for the best free MySpace tracker.

I started by choosing a free MySpace Tracking program. I followed the instructions and was soon able to see information about who visited my profile, including their IP address. Some MySpace trackers do not show IP addresses so look for one that does.

Using this MySpace tracker, it was then easy to find the IP address of my crazy stalker. I then took that IP address and ran a search on it using Geobytes which is also free.

This gave me the city and state of where this IP address is located. I was able to search the location even further by using Mapquest and the latitude / longitude coordinates provided with Geobytes. When I entered that into mapquest, I was able to narrow it down to a familiar intersection, over 3000 miles away.

Using a free MySpace profile tracker in this case was easy. My stalker ended up being a weird friend of mine who seemed to be obsessed with my life. It may not be this easy for everyone. For instance, when I search the internet at work, I am on a proxy. When I search my own IP address, it shows a location half way across the country. However, it does show the company that I work with. In that case, say you have a MySpace tracker code installed and you find the IP address of your MySpace stalker. If the IP address shows that it is owned by AT&T, and your ex boyfriend works for AT&T, then it may be fair to say that you ex is your profile stalker, but not proven. Other issues arise when your MySpace stalker is using a dynamic IP. Then it may constantly change making it difficult to pinpoint the person with a free MySpace profile tracker.

One of the most asked questions is, "How Can I Track Who Visits My Myspace?" Using a combination of the techniques above, a little patience and common sense, you may be able to catch your MySpace stalker using a free MySpace Tracker that actually works!

**This method of catching your MySpace stalker will not work for everyone.**



So all of you out there are desperate to see who has looked at you page. You want to see who your myspace stalkers are. Well sorry to burst your bubble, but you won’t be doing that anytime soon. Myspace does not allow that.

It is funny to see all of you repost bulletins promising that you will get a tracker mailed to your account after a set given amount of time, usually 12 hours. Even funnier, after one doesn’t work, you try another. Doesn’t this make you think?

Do you want to know the truth behind this?

Open up one of the myspace trackers, you know, the ones that never work. Do you see how these pages are cluttered with little ads, similar to the ones you see on the top of this page? These little ads are the reason that webmasters have created these tracking websites. They put these ads on the page using Google or Yahoo and when people click on these ads, the webmaster makes anywhere from $.02 to $15. This is also the reason why you have to post a bulletin and wait for twelve hours. If you were able to post it, get the code and immediately realize that the code didn’t work, then you would delete your bulletin. This “delay” as they call it, ensures that your bulletin will stay up and ensures others will see it and do the same thing.

Lets look at a few that don't work!

Myspace trackers don't workMyspace trackers don't work

If you look at both of these sites, they both are littered with the little ads. So go ahead, repost these sites and sit there and wait patiently for your link to arrive so that you can see who is looking at your site.

So far, the only trackers that I have found to come close to working, in a sense, are WhosOnMyPage, and ProfilePeep. Both of these programs will track who has been to your site if both you and your stalkers are signed up for the same tracking program. Meaning, you will only see that I have viewed your site if you and I are both users of one of the same particular program.

I am testing to find one that does work, let me know if you ever find one. However, If may work one day, but Myspace usually deletes your code within a couple days!

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